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[Interview] Jerome Clementz Talks About Michelin Tyres



Recently, at a Michelin tyre development press event that we attended, it occurred to us that we should look up EWS Champ and Michelin Sponsored Factory racer Jerome Clementz. We chatted with him about his experience with Michelin tyres and how they affect his riding. Jerome is using SRAM Roam wheels on his Cannondale Jekyll Carbon, so Michelin is one of his exclusive sponsors.  Most importantly, we picked his brain about what he is looking for when he helps in the development phase of products.



MTB-MAG : Michelin has produced a range of Enduro specific tyres, how could you describe their performance characteristics with the new compound?

JC : Michelin has a wide range of tyres and there is a profile for any type of conditions. The Magi’X compound is the perfect grip for the front end and  the Gum’X on the rear is the best compromise for rolling resistance and traction. On top of that they did a really good job with the casing which really fits for Enduro racing specific needs.


JC : Around 1kg per tyre in 27’5, strong, reliable and comfortable. This is not easy to reach and it was a really good surprise when I first test them. I was also really impressed with the durability of the tyre as they last long for this kind of performance.

Jerome Clementz

MTB-MAG : When developing tyres, what characteristics are you looking for?

JC : As I noticed before, we are looking for the best grip, with a good rolling resistance in general. We are also really focused on the weight : reliability ratio to make sure you can ride fast anywhere. Depending on the intended use we will concentrate on mud clearance, stability, rolling resistance, cornering or braking. There is a lot involved in a tyre.


MTB-MAG : How will the average rider find the Michelin platform, and which type of rider will it appeal to?

JC : Michelin has everything in their range, from XC, all mountain to Enduro racing so there is a tyre for any use. I think a great strength of the product is that you’re able to find the tyre you need depending of the style of riding you do. You can have a lightweight, fast tyre or a indestructible casing ready to go hard.


MTB-MAG : What’s your plan in general for racing the rest of  this year?

JC : My main goal is the Enduro World series, but I’m also riding some other events through the year so I can discover new places and trails at the same time. I’ll be happy to have a good ranking for the overall but I would rather score some wins at some rounds than saving it for the final ranking.


MTB-MAG : Thanks Jerome!

JC : No problems…

Jerome Clementz

Finale Photos : Adrian Marcoux


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