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[Press Release] – The CINTO is designed to be an All Mountain Bike – the category of bike for every day and all opportunities. The requirements for such a bike are manifold and it is difficult to avoid compromises. With the CINTO we have developed a bike that offers solutions: Perfect function and performance, low weight and the toughness to back you up. Designed by our team with a passion for good geometries and precise handling. With the TARVO – the lightest enduro frame – the potential of the frame concept has been proven and showed that our production technology and the materials blend into an exceptionally capable bike. This concept is the base for the CINTO. We put quality first and limit the CINTO to 100 pieces annually hand made in Germany.


The weight is the simplest obtainable comparative value of a bike. And it isn’t the worst, since everyone realizes the dynamic and liveliness of a light bike. To have fun on the long term and to be capable in rough terrain, the CINTO isn’t reduced to lightweight, but reflects all aspects that make it a LAST. The suspension is highly efficient and comes along with a geometry that suits our riding style: fast, agile and airborne. That’s why we build a reliable bike that takes you to the trail and not to the workshop. But first to the lightweight nature of the CINTO and how we realise it.

The CINTO takes advantage of an optimized layup using the directional strength of the carbon fibres to their full extent, combining strength and stiffness. Furthermore the material properties make a flex pivot possible. The true potential of the material is maximized by the careful draping of the plies on the surface of the mould. Front and rear triangle are laminated in a seamless piece.

The so called monocoque is cured in an autoclave process, where the high pressure guarantees for best compaction of the plies. The used carbon fibres are strong and have a high elongation capability to deal well with extreme loads. The CINTO uses the same modular platform like our enduro bike TARVO. The frame was tested by EFBE Prüftechnik. We approve the CINTO for use according to ASTM F2043-13 category 5, bike park and racing.



The CINTO provides a sporty-progressive suspension system with a minimum of rockers and bearings. Our philosophy is to generate mid travel resistance with a progression in the leverage ratio and without too many volume spacers or excessive damping. From SAG point to bottom out the CINTO provides 29% of smooth progression which makes it suitable for air and coil shocks alike.


Pedaling efficiency is generated to a large extent by a well-fitting anti-squat value. The value depends on the kinematics of the bike and the height of the rider’s centre of gravity. To always achieve the optimum anti-squat, we adjust the position of the pivot points for each frame size and the expected height of the centre of gravity. The blue graphs show the anti-squat values for the four frame sizes depending on the rear cog (x-axis). For comparison, the grey curves show the values for a non optimized system. It is easily recognizable that the blue lines are closer to each other, especially for low gears.


The anti rise value determines how the suspension behaves under braking. A value around 100% is considered to be the optimum, since the suspension behaves neutrally at this figure. This means that the application of the brake has no disturbing influence on the suspension system. The size specific optimization results in four almost identical blue curves, that appear as one thick blue curve in the diagram.


All complete bikes will be configured in dialogue with the customer and fitted to his needs in the best possible way. This includes components and color choice. The configurator provides all cus- tom options for complete bikes and frame sets. We have built in availability information for every single component. Based on our choice and our capacity the delivery date is calculated. Complete builds start at 6.139 € and can get as light as 11 kg. The CINTO can be ordered right now and first deliveries will be in August.

Each CINTO frame is assembled in our Dortmund based manufacture according to the choice of our customers. We offer international shipping options, but we encourage customers to pick up their bike in Dortmund. The bike will be set up and we offer a guided first ride that allows us to fine tune your settings. Details to our test sessions and rides can be found at

Frame kits always include the storage and two bags. Besides shocks of our long term suppliers Fox and Rock Shox we can offer suspension products from the Freiburg-based company Intend.

Every frame comes with a through axle and titanium bolts for the bottle cage. Also included is the carbon downtube protector.


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