Manitou Presents the Mezzer Expert

After presenting the special edition Sterling version of the Mezzer Pro, today Manitou is showing off the new Expert version, for those who want a Manitou fork for their enduro bike, but at a lower price than the Pro version from which it is derived.


The Manitou Expert uses the same structure as the Pro, with 37mm stanchions and with the same lower leg assembly, with a Reverse Arch and the TSR system for air bleeding of the lowers.

Using the same structure also allows you to transform the Expert into a Pro should you choose – perhaps for an upgrade after purchase, simply by replacing the hydraulic damper cartridge and air spring.

The air cartridge is called Expert Air and derives from the Dorado Air cartridge, but obviously simplified. The two air chambers, positive and negative, balance each other only when the pump is screwed completely onto the valve and therefore remain separate while riding. The volume can be reduced using spacers to manage the compression curve and the travel is also variable from 140 to 180mm simply by inserting spacers.

The hydraulic cartridge takes the name of VTT-6P and manages, through a single external adjuster with 6 positions, both the compression at high and low speeds. The hydraulic compression circuit includes a fixed reed valve while the external adjuster acts on the preload of a second reed valve.

The weight is around 2,030 grams for the 27.5″ version with 180mm of travel. The list price is 797 euros.

Manitou Mezzer Expert


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