Meta V4.2: Commençal’s Enduro bike, reworked


The fourth version of Commençal’s Meta is updated for 2017 with some features that push further toward the racing of the Enduro segment.  The Meta V4.2 features 160mm of rear travel and is spec’d with forks that boast 170mm of travel.  The bike keeps 27.5″ wheels but has improved kinematics and the price points are looking amazing.


_DSC5281 The top tube takes on a new shape, and allows you to run just about any shock on the market, including the new Metric options.  The dimensions are 230mm X 60mm.

_DSC5290 The linkage has been reworked structurally but also features a fair bit more progression in its rate as well._DSC5284 The new bike is spec’d for 1X drivetrains only.  The top end bikes are 12 speed, and entry to mid level are 11 speed._DSC5293 The rear end spacing is now Boost 148; this has allowed the designers to provide more space for the rear brake caliper, as well as stiffen things up a bit. The choice for the rims at all spec levels range from 25 to 30mm internal width.  _DSC5283 The cable routing is internal and passes above the bottom bracket. Although the front end doesn’t appear to have changed much, Commencal have made more room for the bottle cage, particularly with regard to rear shock clearance_DSC5291 More downtube and chainstay protection._DSC5285 While most geometry remains the same, the head tube angle has been slackened by half of a degree._DSC5286


META AM V4.2_GEO 2017_MetaAMBrush_Thirion_14 2017_MetaAMBrush_Thirion_452017_AMV4_BLACK_QUERE_26 metaV4_brannigan_20

Spec / Pricing

Press release META AM V4.2_FINAL_UK Press release META AM V4.2_FINAL_UK 2 Press release META AM V4.2_1 Press release META AM V4.2_1 2 Press release META AM V4.2_2 2 Press release META AM V4.2_2 Commençal [ad12]

Availability : November 2016

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