Motion Instruments’ Suspension Data Analysis

REDWOOD CITY, CA (February 4, 2020) – Introducing Motion Instruments, a brand focused on providing user-friendly bike suspension data to gain valuable insights and help bikes perform better. The Motion Instruments systems capture and analyze suspension information anywhere, anytime, without the burden of a laptop or wireless network.

Based out of Redwood City, California, Motion Instruments is a team of senior engineers who also enjoy riding mountain bikes and motocross. Together, the team has decades of engineering experience plus countless hours of trail riding and working on bikes. While developing Motion Instruments and MotionIQ, they’ve worked with top athletes around the globe like World Champion Greg Minnaar, Cody Kelley, Rae Morrison, Robin Wallner, and Bex Barona as well as numerous bike and suspension brands.


“Today we are launching our product line and I’m really excited to unleash this technology to everyone,” said Founder Robert Przykucki. “We made a conscious decision to release the product only when it was worthy to be in the tent of a World Cup team. We have uncorked something special and this technology will provide value for everyone, on any bike, riding any terrain. We developed this technology with riders of all abilities, starting with Greg Minnaar. We have worked with the best OEMs in the industry and we are incredibly proud of what we’ve built.

With the rapid advancement of modern suspension and bike geometry, Motion Instruments determined that the only way to deliver a perfect fit was through comprehensive data analytics, but it had to be simple and easy to use. With Motion Instruments’ data visualization, riders will better understand the effect of their suspension settings and become more confident in their setup with a rich user experience. With the Motion Instruments system, the science behind bike setup is now in the palm of every riders’ hand and available to everyone, not just suspension companies and elite pros.

“MI is a great product for all mountain bikers, not just the racer, says Greg Minnaar. “Developing my V10, I’m constantly trying to find the best suspension setup and quantify what I liked or disliked about the setup. With MotionIQ, I now have data to match the feeling on the bike. Data specific to your bike gives you an unfair advantage. If you want to push boundaries, the science of bike setup needs to be in your tool box. MotionIQ is the tool you need.”

The system provides numerous stand-out features never seen before in suspension analysis systems. First off, Motion Instruments incorporates bike-, rider- and terrain-specific data that utilizes the bike’s geometry and leverage curve. It shows how the wheels are interacting with the terrain in conjunction with the damper shaft motion. It is the only system that quantifies bike balance, comparing front and rear bike-to-ground interaction for compression and rebound movement, which is a key element to great handling and stability. It provides in-depth analysis with a complete break down of fork and shock data with the information laid out clearly, highlighting virtual o-ring watermarks for specific trail events, position and velocity histograms, and terrain-specific analysis. It also makes it easy to share and save files using your phone.

Motion Instruments is launching six data analysis systems for use with cross-country, enduro, and downhill bikes. Each system includes everything you need to equip a bike and works in conjunction with the MotionIQ app. Within each system category are two product levels, Pro and Expert. The Pro systems are our highest performing option with the best accuracy, ideal for suspension tuners and engineers looking for the best performance possible. The Expert systems are our best price-performance option with 99% accuracy of the Pro systems, designed for riders wanting to dial in their bikes for any terrain or track.

All Pro and Expert systems work with the MotionIQ app. It will record, analyze, and display suspension analytics. With MotionIQ, you’ll gain actionable insights that are specific to your bike (geometry and leverage ratio) and the terrain you are riding. Your data is available immediately, on the trail, without any dependence on internet connectivity. Currently, the MotionIQ app works with iPhone and iPad and we are planning an Android version in the future.

Motion Instruments offers three MotionIQ app levels: Free, Expert, and Pro. Our free MotionIQ app will deliver unprecedented insights into your fork and shock. If you want to dig deeper into your specific bike, we provide support for most bikes (growing daily) with MotionIQ Expert ($9.99/Month or $99/Year). You’ll have the ability to see how your wheels are interacting with the terrain versus just looking at damper speeds. Finally, if you want deep insights into bike balance and rich setting comparisons then MotionIQ Pro is available ($29.99/Month or $299/Year). Each package is affordable and can be purchased on a monthly basis.

Motion Instruments’ systems are available at a 25% discount for a limited time during our pre-order sale. We are initiating this pre-order offer to quickly ramp up our manufacturing and our intent is to ship your system within 6-10 weeks of purchase. Unlike a Kickstarter campaign, we have eliminated all of the risk to our customers. With this pre-order, you are not funding development of our products. We have been working on this for 3 years and the system is designed and ready to go into production. We already have many happy paying customers today including several top bicycle and suspension OEMs. You’ll also see our system being used by the Ibis EWS team as well as several World Cup race teams this year.

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