Muc-Off’s Hidden Handlebar Tubeless Plugs

The Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plug and is a new tire puncture repair kit released today by Muc-Off, made of anodized aluminum in 10 color options, with stainless steel tools.


A silicone gasket, supplied in 3 different sizes to adapt to various MTB, Road and gravel handlebars with an internal diameter of at least 17mm, holds the kit firmly in place in its seat inside the handlebar.

The kits, which function as handlebar plugs, include two tools, one for each side of the handlebar. They are screwed with a 4mm Allen wrench that activates an expander. On the one hand, the fork which includes the rasp on its shaft to conform the hole to use the repair plug. On the other hand, the small knife that allows you to cut the excess part of the worm.

Each kit weighs 66 grams, 33 per side excluding the plug, and is available starting today at the price of 34.95 euros, including 3 kits of 5 plugs with varying thickness.



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