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Today marks the unveiling of Scott’s latest downhill weapon : The Gambler 27.5″.  Not only has the highly successful bike adopted the latest and greatest wheel size, it also received some other changes and refinements.


First off and foremost, the new frame is compatible with both 27.5″ and 26″ wheels.  This is easily achieved by choosing between the short(425mm) or long(440mm) chainstay setting in the rear dropout.

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Included with the Gambler’s Syncros headset are 1° and 2° cups that allow adjustment ranging from 61 to 65 degrees. This should provide enough range for any rider regardless of wheel size and riding style/ability.

With help from a flip chip style lower shock eyelet mount, the bottom bracket can be raised and lowered by 10mm depending which position the rider chooses.

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 20.37.45

The bottom bracket height options are 343mm and 353mm(13.5″/13.9″) for 27.5″.  With 26″ wheels the Gambler can be set at 331mm or 341mm (13.0″/13.4″)

Aside from accepting the new wheel size, the next major update the frame has received is new suspension kinematics.  The floating link has seen a major reduction in degree of rotation – one link has been reduced from from 36 ° to 9 ° while the other drops from 12 ° to 4 °.  This reduces friction, thus increasing traction and small bump sensitivity as well as increase durability.

The Gambler is now spec’d with a standard size 9.5″ eye to eye shock with 3.0″ stroke.  The shorter shock should get the weight down slightly and allow for a broader range of aftermarket options.

Gambler 710_Close up Image_2015_BIKE_SCOTT Sports_4

The Gambler is available in three versions: 710 (top), 720 and 730. The weight of the 710 is about 38.5 pounds without pedals.

Models available are as shown – Prices and full spec sheet soon!

Gambler 720:


Gambler 730:


Scott Voltage FR

New for 2015 is the Scott Voltage FR.  Designed with bike park riding in mind, it accepts either 27.5″ or 26″ wheels.

Voltage FR_Close up Image_2015_BIKE_SCOTT Sports_01

A truly unique feature on the Voltage FR is it’s rear dropouts:  10mm x 135mm or  12mm x 135mm, This allows axle size to be run in  either 410 or 425mm.  This gives the rider a host of combinations for chainstay length, wheel size and hub choice.

Voltage FR_Close up Image_2015_BIKE_SCOTT Sports_13

The rear travel can be set with either 190mm or 170mm of travel, simply by changing the angle of the shock, as exemplified in the image below:

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 20.57.56

To keep all types of  riders happy, the Voltage FR can be set up to run a 180mm single crown fork, or a 200mm dual crown fork.  The bike is made to be adaptive to running either setup by utilizing the included +/- 2°  Syncros headset cups.

Voltage FR_Close up Image_2015_BIKE_SCOTT Sports_02

The bridge that joins the seat stays is designed both to increase the stiffness of the rear end and shed mud easily due to it’s unique profile.

Voltage FR_Close up Image_2015_BIKE_SCOTT Sports_10

The Voltage will be available in three models: in addition to the 710 that you have seen in the pictures above, there will be the 720:


The 730:


Prices and full spec list soon.

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