New Specialized Demo: Dedicated Mullet

Some brands strongly believe in the mullet configuration for their DH bikes, i.e. the 29-inch wheel set up front, combined with a 27.5-inch wheel in the rear. Among these brands we find Specialized leading the pack, as they’ve created the new Demo intended for sale to the public with this feature, optimizing the geometry for the mixed wheel format that last season, in the hands of Loïc Bruni, has garnered winning results both in World Cup and World Champs.


The new Demo is in fact equipped with a system of adjustable geometry that allows for three different rear axle positions. The first, called Short, ideal for a set up with a 27.5″ rear wheel. The Long position, ideal for 29″ wheels both front and rear. The Medium position, is a happy medium capable of accepting both formats, simply by adjusting the length of the chainstay adjustment according to the format you choose.

Specs and prices

Race Demo – € 7,299

Expert Demo – € 4,499

Race Demo Frame – € 2,699



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