Next Level Integration: Resistance Bikes

If you’re the type of person who loves a nice, clean internal cable routing, then you’ll probably be interested in this bike.  Canadian brand, Resistance Bikes go well beyond normal integration, and take a page from Swiss brand Bold Bikes by integrating the shock.


The shock absorber becomes an integral part of the chassis, although we aren’t sure how it will react to the lateral stresses and the friction to which it is subjected. As far as disassembly, you just unscrew the ring nut near the seat tube.

The rest of the shock absorber is hidden in the top tube.

It doesn’t end there. The bike also integrates the drivetrain into the chassis with a gearbox style setup.

The bike is still in a prototype phase, but if you speak French, go ahead and check out their website to keep tabs on their progress:

Resistance Bikes.

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