Nicolai Nucleon 16: a High Pivot With an Innovative Drivetrain

Nicolai has always sought an alternative solution to traditional drivetrains and over the years has adopted various systems, from Rohloff hubs integrated into the frame, Pinion and gearboxes, with results that are not always optimal in terms of weight and performance for shifting under stress. Now the German brand has embarked on a new path, adopting the Supre Drivetrain system, which we already told you about last November .


The new Nicolai 16, an enduro beast with a high pivot suspension system, thus naturally enjoys the chain idler necessary for the adoption of a high pivot, since the Supre Drive system uses it by default for its operation.

Needless to say, the advantages of shifting in that position, namely the fact that it is smaller with less unsprung mass on the wheel axle for the benefit of suspension operation and less bulk, therefore reduced risk of damaging the derailleur.

The drivetrain actually has a broad 510% range since it uses a 12-speed Shimano cassette. Interestingly, the specific gearbox of the Supre system to keep the chain in tension does not rely on a mechanical clutch like Shimano and SRAM but on a mini hydraulic shock absorber compensated by a steel spring.

The new Nicolai Nucleon 16 has a rear travel of 165 or 178mm, depending on the travel of the shock absorber that is mounted with, and can accommodate forks from 160 to 180mm of travel. The suspension system, as cumbersome as it may seem, is a simple indirect single pivot.

The complete bike, mounted as in the photo, weighs 16.6kg but Nicolai predicts a weight reduction because they are fine-tuning some details of the frame. The price for the complete bike starts at € 7,499.



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