Oquo – New Wheel Line from Orbea

Orbea presents Oquo, a new line of wheels from the Iberian brand offering a high-end, well-finished and high performance product on their bikes and in general in the MTB market. The Oquo range is spread over two categories, one dedicated to XC and trail, called Mountain Performance, and the other destined for more demanding uses such as more aggressive trail riding and Enduro, which takes the name of Mountain Control, for a total of 5 models, 3 with carbon fiber rims and 2 with aluminum rims, for a weight range starting from 1,300 grams. All Oquo products are customizable as regards the possible colors and customizations do not affect the list price which reaches € 1,899 for the top-of-the-line models.


[Press release] – Behind OQUO there are innovators and dreamers. They define themselves as manufacturers, designers and builders, but, above all, riders who have cycling in their veins. Passion, experience and know-how are what enable them to understand that the best bicycles require the best technology, the best materials and the best customizable wheels.

The new brand is committed to applying the most advanced industrial processes for maximum precision, convinced that the human touch is essential to achieve the best results. Add to that their obsession with testing each of their wheels, both in their labs and on the ground, in the relentless pursuit of perfection. Thus they promise to improve the experience of the most demanding cyclists.

The interminable process of improvement continues

From its manufacturing center in the Basque Country, OQUO designs, tests and manufactures its wheels with innovation, state-of-the-art technology and highest quality as key objectives. “Perfecting each wheel for each use involves designing the rim profiles and the number of spokes from scratch, optimizing the materials to the maximum and improving the construction process,” declares the brand.

OQUO has processes that allow it to manufacture every pair of wheels that leaves its factories with absolute precision. And it succeeds thanks to its patented wheel manufacturing process that combines the precision of its robots with the accuracy and attention to detail of its technicians. In doing so, it ensures that every wheel always meets its needs.

Plus, every wheel undergoes the industry’s most rigorous testing protocols. If it passes the tests, the Wrecking Crew takes care of demanding the most from the product to discover any weak points. Only when the wheels pass this process does OQUO make them available on the market. If, despite this, you encounter a problem with your wheels, OQUO has the Keep on Rolling program that will totally cover you.

First range with the best ingredients

OQUO has prepared a complete range of MTB wheels: Mountain Performance (MP) for XC and Trail, Mountain Control (MC) for Trail and Enduro.

The Mountain Performance category is designed for maximum lightness without sacrificing durability, responsiveness and control. They are designed to combine with the most advanced bikes, with the lightest and most capable ones. That is, disciplines such as Cross Country or Trail.

The Mountain Control category, on the other hand, is designed to offer the best sense of driving on the most technical and demanding terrains. The strength of these wheels is greater than the weight, as a broken wheel can mean the end of a race or a long drive home. They are the ideal wheels for disciplines such as Trail or Enduro.

Configure your OQUOs

If every person and bicycle is unique, why must all wheels be the same? OQUO offers the possibility to customize its wheels using its customization tool.

The brand offers the possibility to choose between different colors that match your bike, your personality or the clothing you wear on your bike. Furthermore, this service has no additional cost on the final price of the wheels.

Oquo Wheels


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