Pinion Gear Box


It seems the gear box idea just wont go away and Pinion are at Eurobike in force with their P1 gear box which consists of 18 gears. The system needs a special frame and means you dont need the standard chain system, it can even be done with a belt drive.

Is it simpler? We are not sure, we tried to understand how the shifting system works and as far as we can tell the engagement of the gears is controlled by a system of unseen control ways within the shafts of the opposing pinions. However due to the secretive nature of the design no one will actually let us know how this thing works properly, it seems we will have to wait a while longer for this system to take off, although it is said to be selling well in Switzerland. If someone can lend us a gear box so we can fully dismantle it? At that point is it better?


The dérailleur-less gear system is still the holy grail of bike transmission, maybe one day we will get close to it. For now, it’s up to consumers with a passion for gear boxes to ride them.

Video: Gear Box Function

A striped and naked gear box, but how does it work? It’s all still a secret, trying to work it out left us baffled.
We like to consider ourselves fairly technical people, but trying to understand how this worked was pretty difficult, anyone want to help?
An interesting combination, a FAT bike with a gearbox.
Alutech presented their take on a downhill bike with a gear box.
With either chain or belt drive possible, it’s necessary only to use a tensioner on the chain drive version.
no dérailleur is needed.
A sequential gear shifter with 18 gears that changes remarkably smoothly.


Pinion Gear Boxes

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