[First Look] DVO Suspension Diamond Enduro Fork


The press has been non stop salivating for this fork to come out, after the run away success of the Emerald Downhill fork, this was the next thing making people wish everything could be printed 3d immediately at home due to the extreme anticipation. With the first forks shipping and a focus on customer service it’s looking like the target of producing a fork that tailors to the type of rider that wants a personal product experience and the ability to have a race level product that you can service without sending it away has finally arrived.

Bryson, CEO and owner of DVO with more than 27 years of experience in fork technology including the success at Marzocchi in the mid to early 2000’s. There is a significant amount of experience behind this fork and as Bryson said,”What not to do,” when making a fork.


With a concentrated production run the focus is on user experience. Every detail will be answered by Bryson and his team, no need to send your fork off for a few weeks to have it serviced, all parts are available immediately from DVO’s distributor network. The aim is high end service and an acceptable price. Follow the story below for a few extra details.

Video: Interview with Bryson Martin DVO Founder

DVO founder and backer of the fork projects Bryson Martin Snr,  showed us the latest fork, the Diamond.
Cedric Gracia’s bike was present with on attached still in race condition from Whistler.
With all the right bits in the right places, it will be interesting to read the tests from Ian soon.
Lower leg adjustment dials, give full user control.
The forks are built to be fully user serviceable.
Cedric’s race bike
The damper is highly adjustable with very good small bump sensitivity.
A 15mm thru-axle keeps everything stiff yet light.
Also available with black legs.
DVO’s custom axle finished in green.

DVO Suspension

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