[Poll] Best Innovation of the Decade bike related?

2019 is coming to an end, bringing with it the close of a decade that will be remembered as the ’10s of the 21st century. A decade describes a period of time that we’ll always link a historical period of humanity to, in every area such as society, customs, politics and economics. Each of these eras of the past has remained in the collective memory for a series of important events with which today we identify that particular period. Looking at the history of mountain biking, a relatively young discipline, a decade represents about a third of its life, therefore an important period of time, especially when considering the evolution we have witnessed in the last ten years.

We decided to summarize this decade in a series of surveys, each referring to a specific topic, which you can vote on for each theme of this past decade. As difficult as it is to be able to describe such an intense and storied period through a few options, it will be interesting to understand what the ’10s will be remembered for in the MTB world.


Let’s start with the technical innovations on the bike and its components, with 6 options, listed in alphabetical order. The mainstreaming of carbon both on the frames and on the components, new wheel sizes, modern and aggressive geometry, 1x drivetrains, the now indispensable dropper seatpost and finally tire inserts to reduce the risk of flat tires. Anyhow, cast your vote for the innovation you will remember this decade for:

La migliore innovazioni del decennio sulle MTB


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