[Press Release] European Enduro Series


[Press Release]

The European Enduro Series in 2015 incorporates three new locations into its five race calendar featuring only natural 100% Enduro trails in four different countries located in Central Europe.


The format continues to develop the perfect link between the national series and the World Series in Enduro mountain biking in Europe.


The EES 2015 adds Sölden (AUT), Molvena-Paganella (ITA) and Málaga (ESP) to its past season venues Punta Ala (ITA) and Reschenpass, which passes through Italy, Austria, and Switzerland in just one race. “Riding the glacier in Sölden, passing stunning mountain lakes in Paganella while breaking the record for measured elevation loss, and having the season finisher at the sunny coast of Málaga, this series has it all”, the new organizer of the tour, Georgy Grogger (Trail Solutions), describes the great range of variety of trail characteristics. As if that would not be enough, well known ´Rock Oh´ in Punta Ala is part of the series as well, which unites some of the best and most popular races in Europe.

The EES allows, “All riders who want to compete with the best, yet do not have a big team or sponsor behind them to travel across the globe at high costs will find this series very appealing”, says the Austrian based organizer highlighting the EES´ function as the long needed missing link between the national competitions and the Enduro World Series in European Enduro mountain biking.


Each of the five tour stops will be standard organized as 2-day events containing a mandatory inspection of the run for all participants on the first day and featuring the competition on the second. All races will be subject to a series-customized rule book with the UCI regulations as the highest instance above it. Next to licensed riders, amateurs are also welcome to be part of the maximum line-up of 350 riders per venue. On top of the Elite Classes for men and women, a Junior, Masters 30+, Masters 40+, and Masters 50+ class is added.

The European Enduro Series 2015 is ready to take on the next step.  “While selecting the venues for 2015, we put great emphasis on the destinations to be 100% Enduro, easily accessible, and unique and versatile showing all different aspects of our great sport”, states Grogger. “You could say it is a guided tour through the greatest regions of Europe for Enduro mountain biking”.

We are excited to announce the following dates to put into the mountain bike calendar.

European Enduro Series 2015 Race Calendar

25./26.04.2015 #1 Punta Ala (ITA)
04./05.07.2015 #2 Sölden (AUT)
25./26.07.2015 #3 Reschenpass (ITA/AUT/SUI)
05./06.09.2015 #4 Molveno-Paganella (ITA)
17./18.10.2015 #5 Málaga (ESP)

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