[Rampage] Cam Zink’s YT Tues


We caught up with Cam Zink mid lip grooming and got some details on his bike. He had a few unique bits, including a new one piece SRAM chainring. Check out the current setup of the most confident man in mountain biking.



This is the new SRAM chainring. Lose the chainring bolts, lose the spider. Sounds good to us. We will see when it becomes available.


Cam runs 200mm rotors just like any downhiller would, but he chooses the old style rotors. Zink says they are stronger. We noticed these rotors on a host of other SRAM sponsored athletes…hmmmm.


A 2.7″ front tire is also a common choice for some extra traction and to help keep the front end up in the loose, dry soil and chunder that is found in the Utah desert.


X01 DH drivetrain with no drivetrain keeps it light, snappy and tidy. A lot of people may think it’s silly to go without a guide, but when you’re spinning a DH bike off of 50 foot cliffs, it should be as light as possible.


Deity cockpit and Guide brakes. Cam would be bummed if we didn’t mention the Sensus grips – his brand of rider developed grips. They really are supreme.


Zink runs 3 magic tokens in his Boxxer. He likes the mid stroke compliance. We chatted with Aggy yesterday who runs either 4 or 5 depending on what kind of terrain he’s getting into.


Cam is running a 300 pound spring. He’s got a titanium one on the way for finals.


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