Rude & Ravanel Victorious at EWS #1 in Chile





325A9733On Saturday night, there was a fire in Corral which affected much of the flora and fauna in the area, but by morning firefighters still had not managed to extinguish it completely. In the picture you can see them dump sea water by helicopter on the the last of the fire. 325A9786Logan Osborne helping along his brother Marco Osborne before starting the race. 325A9759Colin Bailey tweaking tires for Josh Carlson.325A9749Flo, one of the mechanics for the Devinci team.  Here he is thoroughly reviewing Damien Oton’s wheels until they’re perfect.325A9753After talking to Flo for a moment I asked him to show me a notebook he had in his toolbox, to my surprise it contained all the data on the regulations and setups that Théo Galy and Damien Oton are running in this race.325A9748Dennis Tondin was one of the two Italians who participated in this EWS round.325A9742Dennis usually confuses which shoe is left and which is right, so one of his friends wanted to help and wrote him a message.325A9828Peter Burns of Chile took third place in U21 and this year he’ll race all of the EWS rounds…325A9843 Andre Bretas from Brazil in unrivaled and luxurious local flora and fauna.325A9877Josh Lewis attacking in the first stage.325A9913The Copihue is the national flower of Chile and can only be found in damp places like Valdivia, the rainiest city in Chile where even in summer you can expect rainfall.325A9944Spectators gathered watching the racers.  Pictured you can see Jerome Clementz who is practically a local in this country by now.325A0011The view is something that never ceases to amaze in Corral, this stage ended a little less than 30 meters from the Pacific ocean.325A9989Tunnels upon tunnels everywhere.  Pictured is Nicolas Prudencio, on the hunt in Chile.325A9969Adrien Dailly took first place in U21 today.325A0030Isabeau Courdurier stayed third place – here she is winding her way through one of the more spectator friendly zones.325A0042Thomas Lapeyrie camouflaging between vegetation .325A0051Jared Graves pinned and looking to win.325A0078After losing his chain, Jared had to run up and grab it, then re mount it.  Fortunately he knew where it went.

.325A0103…Then he had to put it on. He still pulled out a top 10.  Amazing.325A0114Frenchies on the last big climb of the day.325A0137Cedric Gracia fighting with the rocks on the last stage of the day.325A0215Justin Leov at 1/40th of a second.  325A0196Watching from this view at the top, it really is impressive to see how boats move through the sea as if the water was a cement road.325A0166Florence was the fastest Chilean racer in this first round.  On the straight and narrow and headed to the beach. 325A0189 Anneke Berteen and a view of Corral below, with the Pacific ocean Valdivia in the background.325A0193Well, a selfie with the winning female Cecile Ravanel can’t do any harm.325A0233The poise, speed and force that Nicolas Vouilloz possess are all beyond impressive.  Podium finish for the 40 year old legend today.325A0231 Martin Maes finding his limit and crushing it with second place today.  325A0239 Richie Rude carrying his momentum over from last year and taking a very decisive win today.325A0247Unique landscapes, amazing racing and free beer, this can get any better?325A0259This was the team that designed the track.325A0277Women’s Podium.325A0302

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