Sea Otter Slalom at One Tenth

Sea Otter Slalom at One Tenth

Ian Collins, 14/04/2019
Ian Collins, 14/04/2019

There’s not really an actual story here. Sea Otter has been a bit of a blur for us (pun intended), with a great deal of focus. Anyhow – I was too lazy to get a vest and go to shoot Dual Slalom, so I decided to just shoot everything through the crowd at 1 / 10th of a second on a 300mm lens. Here are the (kinda) keepers …

Cody Kelley

Greg Minnaar

Luca Shaw

Youn Deniaud and Luca Cometti

Leigh Donovan

Kyle Strait

Greg Minnaar and Unknown (# 24)

Steve Peat (legend)

Your winner, Mitch Ropelato …