Specialized Levo HT X TrailBoss – Ultimate Trail Builder Bike?



One bike in particular caught our eye at Sea Otter this year. Mainly because we’d kill to have it. Colin Belisle’s fully customized Levo Hardtail with a rad looking mount that holds just about every attachment (and obviously the handle) for the super high end trail building tools by TrailBoss, a Bellingham, Washington based tool maker.


The fully custom aluminum rack has built in CNC’d couplings that mate with the knurled, threaded lockrings on the handle sections and tool heads. This prevents it from making a racket and the tools aren’t clanking against one another.

A battery assisted 11 speed drivetrain ought to help get you up the hill with 20 some odd extra pounds on the bike.

A McLeod AND a spade. We’re not sure what the spade is all about…come on Colin, get a flathead for that thing…can’t pack lips with a spade 😉

Just kidding bud.

Literally all of the attachments. Our jealousy is beyond describable.

He even had it custom painted. Stop the madness….



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