Syncros iC: Cockpit Integration for each Discipline

The Syncros Integrated Cockpit handlebar and stem system that we saw on Nino Schurter’s bike is now available in a specific version for each discipline, from cross country to downhill. We find below the various models from the words of the Syncros press release.


[Press Release] – iC – Through the years, our line of components has continued to shred into uncharted territory, forever pursuing the magical blend of strength, light weight and ergonomics. Our integrated Cockpit concept blurs the line between components and frame, creating a seamless unit that functions as a complete system rather than a collection of parts. The result is lighter, stiffer & more aerodynamic – redefining the classic bike aesthetic.

Originally launched with the Hixon iC SL, an integrated bar and stem combo designed for the SCOTT Genius Trail bike, the range has now grown to be truly cross division on MTB. The combo reflects the versatility in designing in carbon fiber and the significant weight savings that can be achieved without compromising form or function.

In particular carbon fiber doesn’t like right angles. By combining the stem and bar into one we can achieve better layups and exploit the properties of continuous fiber continuity to achieve lighter, stronger and stiffer products at ground breaking weights.

Our iC line includes bar/stem combos for XC, Trail, Enduro and DH with discipline specific ergonomics aimed at the ultimate in riding performance.


The next evolution of our Integrated Cockpit concept, the Fraser iC reflects our Hixon iC trail bar in a cross country application. Utilizing our one piece Super Light carbon lay-up we’ve refined the learning from the trail bar to produce a featherweight bar-stem combo at an astonishing 220g total weight. Ergonomics are designed to reflect a flat T-bar design and a minus 8 degree equivalent stem angle.

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The cornerstone of our line, the Hixon iC SL has been further refined to achieve an even lighter benchmark of 260g. We’ve worked on our carbon layup to achieve this lighter weight without any compromise in performance. We’ve added a wider option at 780mm for riders who prefer a wider position on the bike.

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Satisfying the wider and higher needs of the Enduro rider, our Hixon Rise sees the bar ergonomics shift slightly too. The backsweep is 7 degrees with an up sweep of 6 degrees. The rise shifts from 12mm for the regular Hixon iC SL to 15mm for the Rise and the width to 800mm. Weight is an impressive 270g and the bar is available in either a 40 or 50mm virtual stem length.

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Designed for the MY20 Scott Gambler, the Hixon iC DH is the ultimate in lightweight and strength for the downhill racer. At 310g it’s a super light cockpit that is the strongest bar we have ever made, capable of withstanding a force of 260kg applied to either end. The bar can’t rotate in the stem as there is no stem! Our 50mm virtual extension sets the rider up for the perfect position and spacers are included to help with setting the right height.

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The Hixon iC SL and Hixon iC Rise all have an MSRP of €329.90.
The SE editions of the Fraser iC SL are €449.90 and the regular Fraser is €349.90. The Hixon iC DH retails at €349.90.

See our website for full specs and availability.

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