[Test] Which Wheel has the Noisiest Hub?


The ticking of the freewheel, for a mountain biker, is like the sound of the engine for a car driver, or motorbike. You can say what you want about the silence of nature: if the freewheel have a buzz to it, there seems to be something wrong. For some, the sound of a loud hub is better than any Cayenne or AMG, which people have become accustomed to by now.


A decisive sound, has another advantage: walkers will hear you coming and will usually move. The disadvantage is that you will not see as many animals, since they scurry off well before your arrival, frightened by your sound / noise.

In short, it doesn’t matter how old you are now, but chances are, as a kid you may have loved to play with the classic playing card attached to the frame with a clothes peg. Now that you’re older though, you may be among those who choose the wheels depending on their sound. To make life easier we have “tried” nine hubs, which you can see, and above all hear, in the first video above. We used an app to measure the decibels of free wheels, and below we present the results. Do not take them too seriously, since the intensity of the sound may vary depending on how well the gears are lubricated (the Mavic needs some grease …), rather listen well to the sound and tell us which one you prefer.

Below are the sound proof cards. And turn up the volume when you watch the video!

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