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At some point a few months back we were searching for the perfect bag to use when we weren’t on just a quick jaunt, and in contrast, nor were we lugging around a photo bag with 2 bodies and 5 lenses. We needed an all day bag for all conditions – after hearing a fair amount of buzz over Acre supply we decided to give them a shout and see what their latest offering had in store. A division of Mission Workshop in San Francisco, ACRE Supply Co. manufactures a hand full of well crafted cycling related products. Most everything they make is handcrafted in the USA. The only exception is their Orion Jacket which is made in Vancouver. Anyhow, their Hauser 10L bag found its way into our hands some time ago for the longer, more adventurous days in the saddle.



• 1,100 Gr. w/ tool roll, belt & bladder
• Colors : Black, Grey, Navy and Camo
• Full Weatherproof Construction
• Ten Liter Capacity(3L H20)
• Lifetime Warranty
• Made in the USA
• $195


The first thing you’ll notice about the Hauser 10L will be either its unique construction and layout, or just how damn sturdy the thing feels. Constructed with Ripstop Nylon that has a waterproof coating, and graced with watertight YKK zippers it’s ready for all conditions and made to last. The back panel sports a very unique shape and multiple attachments to an adjustable waist belt. Its constructed of perforated foam and a mesh laminate. A few different tow loops stow away nicely when you’re not using them. The pair up top can be used in combination with the pair down below, or they can obviously both be used independently. Geared around lugging kneepads down low and a full face lid up top, these attachment points are ideal for those long climbs that reward you with a gnarly descent. A sternum strap and a few different small pockets are what we come to expect these days, but the roll top style main compartment is definitely new to the cycling hydration pack world. Now that you’re well informed on the Hauser’s features, we’ll talk about how it did on the trail and in the elements.


The layout of the bag is pretty brilliant overall. It seems to have all of the right small compartments in the right places. If your H20 bladder is completely full, that cramps the main compartment slightly, but that is to be expected and not troublesome as it’s quite large to start. The only way into it is through the roll top, so unfortunately if you want something that is at the bottom, you have to pull out everything on top of it. We still think this is better than say 3 medium compartments, because at least you have the option to store large items. Another cool feature is how the hydration hose can be routed on either side. Right and left handed riders alike will appreciate that.


Again, his is an all day bag. It is tailor made for your long missions that might start in the freezing cold and then finish somewhere hot, or vice versa. Its perfect if you want to pack a shell, sandwich, tools, tubes and maybe even a couple cans of beer? As mentioned earlier, it’s easy to strap a full face helmet and kneepads on as well.

If you are a photographer, the Hauser 10L will fit micro 4/3 systems with a couple lenses quite nicely along with the aforementioned supplies. If you’re looking to store a DSLR and a couple lenses, we’d recommend the 14L, or a camera bag with partitions and padding. It’s possible to jam a DSLR body and a lens or two in there(separated), but they wouldn’t be very well guarded. We may as well mention that they do fit though.


We became quite fond of the tool roll. Not only did it serve as a logical way to keep our tools and small bits quietly in one place, it was also a nice place to put things while we performed trailside surgeries on our bike. It’s extra material, but it makes life easier for sure.


Durability so far has been absolutely top notch. We haven’t found a single raveled thread, sticky zipper and nor have we suffered any rips or tears. The high end construction and craftsmanship are what you would expect out of a bag like this that comes in a bit on the pricey side, but hey – you get what you pay for, right? The lifetime warranty that ACRE offer on all of their products should instill further confidence that this is a worthy investment and that you’ll be enjoying it for years to come.


Fit is another thing that separates this bag from most everything else on the market. There are two key design elements responsible for this : the back panel, and the fact that said back panel has 4 different attachment points for the shoulder straps and waist belt. The latter of the two ensures that it fits just about any body profile, and the former keeps the bag from moving about on even the roughest of trails. It is hands down the most secure bag we’ve ever used. You literally never feel it move…AT ALL. With that in mind, it does run a touch warmer than many other bas bags as the lower portion of the back panel wraps around your waist and hugs you more. It’s a matter of give and take, but if you’re the type of person that hates wearing a hydration pack because it’s always bouncing around, we strongly suggest this bag as it really stays put and just feels like an extension of your body.

Overall the Hauser 10L is just truly unique and was born out of forward thinking. The second you get your hands on one, you’ll realize that it’s a complete departure from the run of the mill hydration packs offered by the big household names. It’s tough as nails, brilliantly laid out and very scalable in the sense that you can pack light or really add quite a big of gear into it and on top of it. The roll top design is largely responsible for that. While it might be a lot of bag for some days, it never feels burdensome despite running a little bit on the warm side. While the price might have some people grumbling, we think it’s a fair value considering its durability, warranty and the fact that it’s made in the good old USA.


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