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[ad3]ACRE Supply has quickly nestled in and found a niche in the world of high end mountain bike apparel.  What makes ACRE’s line unique is not simply that it’s well thought out functionally speaking, but that their gear and apparel are great looking yet subdued.  Unlike a great deal of the louder MTB apparel out there, you won’t look ridiculous walking into a coffee shop or a deli wearing their clothing after a ride.

Some time ago we tested their much lauded Hauser pack but this time we’re checking in on how their Traverse All-Mountain shorts have held up us over the past few months of Winter and Spring shredding along the central coast of California, just below where ACRE Supply are based(San Francisco)…Anyhow, read on to see how they fared.DSC_0079



• Fabric — 140 g/sm American-made stretch nylon
• Front Closure — Heavy-duty Prym Snaps and YKK zipper (#5 coil)
• Pocket Zippers — YKK (#3 coil)
• Belt Hardware — Custom anodized aluminum belt adjustment designed by Mission Workshop


• Sizes – 28, 30, 32, 33, 34, 36
• Approx. Weight – 250 g (8.8 oz)
• Quick Drying DWR water repellent finish
• On the fly waist adjustment
• Made in USA
• $165

Fit / First Impressions

When we first put the Traverse on, we appreciated the cut – trim but long and very much true to size.  While the crotch has a relatively low rise, the waist is cut just high enough that you won’t be getting any loam in your butt crack.  The lightweight 4-way stretch material has a tough feel.  We’ve tried stretch materials in MTB applications that have felt and eventually proven to be much more delicate.   This is not the case with the Traverse shorts.

Although these shorts fly under the radar and don’t draw a lot of attention to themselves, they are packed with some cool, unique features.  Many of them are outlined in the captions below.

You can tighten or loosen the Traverse shorts while riding with this easy to use, single sided aluminum adjustment.
The broad contoured waist belt is a nice feature, it snugs down the open gap at your lower back without digging into you. The gusset below it limits the chances of blow outs.
Although the Traverse is cut to fit trim, it works nicely with kneepads. A full DH kneepad would be a squeeze, but light to mid duty pads articulate nicely thanks to the split cuff.

On the Trail

Right away we appreciated that these shorts were lightweight while still having a logical, utilitarian layout.  Their finish struck the right balance between easily making minor positioning adjustments on the saddle and being shifty.  While we hate to admit it, carrying a cell phone is a nearly universal but unfortunate part of riding these days.  The cargo side pockets on the Traverse shorts were anything but bulky and our phone settled into them without moving around or inhibiting pedaling in any way.  The zippers were easy to access with gloves on or off…so yeah, it isn’t hard to check your phone quickly while riding.  Every other riding short that we’ve used to date has been nightmarish.  It’s worth noting that the phone is placed in an arguably more vulnerable position at the side of your thigh.  Then again, aside from a hydration pack, there really is no safe place to put a phone in the event of a crash or slideout.


We can’t emphasize enough how much we appreciated the functionality and comfort of the waist belt.  It’s easy to adjust, doesn’t slip, and keeps the shorts where you want them without digging in or being distracting.  The 4-way stretch material is tough, lightweight and surprisingly durable; it also dries very quickly.  After a few minor crashes and washes, water still tends to bead right off of them rather than soak in; they also clean up nicely and even the blackest of black dirt in Santa Cruz has washed out nicely preserving their nice look.  Over the last few months we’ve been wearing these shorts non-stop and they’ve quickly become our go to.  To those looking for an even more trim, minimalist short – Acre just released the Traverse XC with a slightly shorter, above the knee length and more tailored fit.



Our ACRE Traverse shorts have consistently seen some very long days in the saddle and have proven to be incredibly comfortable while providing excellent articulation and functionality.  They’ve proven to be very durable given their light weight and minimalist layout.  Some may scoff at the $165 price tag, and that’s OK, but just remember that you get what you pay for. Goods that are this well thought out and also happen to be made in America generally don’t come cheap.  However, once you make the investment you rarely regret it.  These will likely remain our daily riding short for some time to come…they just make sense.


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