Canyon Spectral 125

Canyon Spectral 125 reviewed and compared to the Spectral 150

After the classic Spectral’s release and our review, Canyon now presents the Spectral 125, where the model number clearly indicates the rear travel. Do not worry, it is not a downcountry or whatever you prefer to call it, but a very aggressive trail bike that fully inherits the geometry of its bigger 150mm travel sibling, including a super aggressive 64° head tube angle.

Check out the video (for English subtitles click on CC) for the review and a comparison to the Spectral 150.



The size tested is a Large with a 140mm travel fork. Apart from the one millimeter shorter reach, the geometry is identical to those of the Spectral CFR. This means that the frame has been changed (as explained in the video) to accommodate a rear shock with a smaller wheelbase and shorter stroke.

The Spectral 125 is only available with a full 29-inch wheel format.

I am 179 cm tall and have a saddle to bottom bracket distance of 74 cm.

Canyon Spectral 125 geo


The Spectral 125 features an all new chassis, but it fully incorporates the details of its the standard Spectral. The test model here was the CF 9, with a full carbon frame. Of the five models currently on offer, two are made from aluminum.

The CF 9 has an electronic SRAM AXS GX drivetrain that works perfectly.

Canyon Spectral 125

Just 125mm, but managed by a rear shock with piggy back, so that we do not miss anything from a performance standpoint even during long and ragged descents.

Canyon Spectral 125

Even up front it is clear that this is a very aggressive trail bike: a Fox 36 with 140mm of travel.

Canyon Spectral 125

A bike designed to have fun downhill can’t lack powerful brakes, and the SRAM Code RSC with the new HS2 200 / 180mm rotor combination did not disappoint.

Canyon Spectral 125

Carbon handlebar and aluminum stem, from the G5 series, Canyon’s strongest in house spec.

The cable routing is internal and guided.

Under the top tube there are two holes for attaching an item holder like this Canyon carrying case, which is also waterproof.

Canyon Spectral 125

Also the Spectral 125 has a flip chip. I have always kept it in the low position, as I have been on the CFR for months and never had problems hitting the pedals on the ground, even on technical uphill trails.

If, coming this far, you still haven’t figured out what kind of bike the Spectral 125 is, the seatpost with 200mm of travel should remove all doubts. It is not for nothing that the seat tube of the 125 is shorter than the 150.

The DT Swiss XMC 1501 carbon rims are robust. Their tall profile doesn’t help much in dissipating vibrations from the ground though.

It was optimistic to mount Maxxis with only EXO casings in front and back on a bike like this…

For this type of bike it should take the new Exo + casing at least in the rear.

Canyon Spectral 125 prices and range

The bikes are available immediately on the Canyon website.


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