[Tested] Lezyne Digital Shock Drive


Lezyne put a very interesting little shock pump in our hands a while back. Aptly dubbed the Digital Shock Drive, it packs some surprisingly cool features into a very small, tidy package. Lightweight and discreet, but tough and weather sealed, it’s ideal for bringing along on rides where you find yourself doing some trailside suspension tuning/adjustments. Read along for the full scoop…



Price: $74.99
Max Pressure: 350psi / 24.1bar
Weight: 106 grams
Length: 225mm / ~9″
Battery: CR1220
Braided Hose
Zero-loss chuck design
Aluminum body

Getting past its petite size, perhaps the best selling point is the digital gauge. The screen reads vertically, not horizontally. This way it saves some width and maintains a low profile. At the base you can see the weather sealed power button that also allows you to toggle between PSI and Bar.

The Digital Shock Drive features a “zero loss chuck” which ensures that once when you unscrew the pump off of a valve, the shock/fork’s air chamber doesn’t lose pressure and give you an inaccurate read.  It does this by unthreading from the valve body after the valve has already closed. Smart.

To put the size in perspective…A Specialized SWAT anti rattle thingamajig to keep your tube easy to access.

We had no problem putting the Digital Shock Drive inside our Specialized Enduro’s SWAT downtube storage bulkhead along with the following: tube, CO2 canister, CO2 head, patch kit, tire levers, Clif Bar, lightweight shell. Anyway, you get the point…it’s small and you can fit a lot of stuff in the Specialized Enduro Downtube.

In Use

For the most part we tried to use this little unit as it’s marketed…for trailside tuning. These days generic shock pumps aren’t too hard to come across, but a unit this compact that’s both digital and accurate is quite scarce…

Although the head is rather small and was slightly uncomfortable in our palm initially, we found a rather comfortable way to grasp it on short order.  Additionally, we became super impressed with how much volume this little unit cranks out per stroke. While we don’t have any measurements on this pump’s efficiency, but put it this way: we’ve used much larger pumps that have packed a much smaller punch.

Beyond the action of of the pump itself, the materials are high quality and have proven durable while the gauge itself is extremely accurate. Weather sealing all around is a bonus for riders who find themselves in less than fair weather.


Super light, compact, accurate, weather sealed and durable…There’s nothing else we could ask for in a shock pump. Oh yeah, it’s also extremely efficient for its size…Our only initial concern that this unit would prove uncomfortable was put to rest rather quickly as we found the right space for its butt to nestle into our palm. All in all, if you see yourself wanting to do trailside tuning and you’re in the market for a pump, this seems like the best option out there.



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