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Ride 100% are known for their quality goggles that we have been testing for the last season which have become one of our favourites. They also produce a full line of riding gloves that take on the needs of most riders. We have had a pair of their ITrack gloves on test for the last few months and have put them through their paces.


100% gloves have a classic and simple design appeal and are available in a range of colours.

Perforated single layer CLARINO® palm improves comfort and aids against blisters
3mm thick padded foam thumb overlay improves comfort and aids against blisters
Airprene cuff and thumb panels offer maximum protection and breathability
Pull tab for easy access
Twill span backhand and finger gussets promote airflow and wick away excess moisture
Integrated tech-thread keeps you connected with your phone or MP3 player
Price €27.50


Fit was accurate for a large size.


The palms feature a thin one piece surface, no bumps or lumps to interfere with your grip on the bar. The palm material was just right for giving great bar feel, the silicon aided grip.



We tested the ITrack glove which is designed for the everyday biker, with a focus on basic protection, light weight, breathability and functionality on everyday trails such as those at our test centre in Punta Ala Italy.

The quality of construction is high in all aspects, the thumb area has a neat piece of foam protection that remained in place during our test period, to reduce wear. The fore finger is also device ready, so you can operate your smart phone screen with it, which we did frequently. The back material is lightweight and wicks away moisture quickly and feels airy and breathable. There is nothing worse than having that hot sweaty hand feeling. With the ITrack even in 30 plus degrees centigrade your hands feel and remain comfortable. In colder climates the ITrack is not particularly thermally insulating and therefore we would not use in the depths of winter to keep warm. For most, temperate climates nine months of the year are well covered.

The wrist closure is without straps we found this to be enough to keep the gloves in place and fit without too much effort. It is also easy to remove the gloves with one hand semi occupied and without fuss. The material is flexible and easy to grab to take off.


Flexible enough that the gloves are super simple to remove quickly, which we like a lot.


Protection wise, the palms are strong enough to withstand any unforeseen hand down moments, without shredding on the first impact. The palms are not highly padded which means you can maintain a good feeling on the bars. Some gloves we have tried in the past have padding sewn into the butt of the palm which can feel uncomfortable rather than help reduce vibrations on the bar.

The ITrack is not an Enduro or Downhill glove, there is not enough protection for any rider who is pushing limits. 100% have other options that can cover that type of rider. Most of our riding though is the type where we are having fun and need protection that serves enough without getting in the way and these serves that purpose well.

Available in a range of colours to suit most rider’s taste, the gloves also have some reflective safety in the form of the 100% logo on the back on the glove. Sizing is fairly average with the gloves being stretchy and lightweight enough stay with a smaller size if you prefer.


Overall the ITrack are ideal for everyday trail riding. They offer enough protection and functionality without being bulky and have a great bar feeling. If you are looking for a lightweight pair of gloves that are unfussy, look good and don’t cost the earth the 100% ITrack do the job really well and quickly became our favourite light weight trail gloves.

Ride 100%


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