[Tested] SKS Mountain Suspension Pump


SKS sent us a whole load of pumps a while back and we have been gradually working our way through testing them all and have reached the most used pump of all for us, the Mountain Suspension Pump.

When faced by these types of shocks a reliable pump that allows accurate pressure settings is fundamental to making it all work as intended.

Main Features


WE all love a good quality tool and this pump is one of those things that we really all want but never really know that until we own it. The main features of the pump include the use of metal for all components so there is no weak link on the pump. There is a dump valve beneath the gauge which allows for a very fast emptying of the shocks we were filling, perfect for bleeding off air under control or as fast as you like. The main connector is able to be screwed on in two stages to avoid pressure loss, a highly appreciated but often missed feature on many pumps. The gauge accuracy was pretty good and was easy to read. The pump can be split down into two parts so it is easy to put in your back pack when riding.  The overall finish is better than a normal pump that comes with forks or shocks. Lastly is also able to pump as high as 290 PSI, which should cover 99 percent of necessary pressure needs with bikes.

That’s where this baby comes in, the SKS MSP.
We tried the pump extensively when setting up bikes at the MTB-Mag group test. Here Davide Bagnoli sets Marco Milivinti’s Suspension up.

Usage Experience

We used the pump over a period of 6 months in all types of conditions and with our constant setting and resetting of suspension for mountain bike tests we would say we have a fair appreciation of how a pump should work. In this case the stand out feature is the ability to be able to accurately set pressure to within a few PSI, as the nozzle can be unscrewed before removal, so when you unscrew the hose there is no pressure loss as the pin is backed off from the valve first. We noted how important that was when testing with Fox suspension at a special test event, it presented the clear idea that a few PSI can make a difference to how a high end product performs. Then with the arrival of our Cannondale test bike with it’s different to normal DYAD rear shock having negative and positive chambers, it’s necessary to be able to accurately set it all up. The SKS mountain suspension pump allowed us to do that without trouble.

We also liked how the product was able to be kept in two small pieces and then put in it’s storage pouch, meaning it was very convenient to have with us in our back pack. The gauge proved easy to read and accurate when compared to other pumps, obviously a digital gauge would be the next step up for real clear numbers. When we handed it to our experienced mechanic at our comparative test event it quickly became his go to pump as very few pumps out there actually have the ability to not loose pressure when you detach them, ideal for setting 15 forks and shocks every half hour. All in all it proved to be a very useful tool that we depended on.

All moving components have a quality feel and operation to them. The knurled handle is comfortable to use and the shafts have not worked loose.
Th gauge is clear and has been performing accurately.
The valve connector is the one feature of this pump that makes it a must have pump, no pressure loss when unscrewing.
The hose un-screws so it is easy to stow in your back pack if you take it on the trail.


The SKS Mountain Suspension Pump has quickly become our go to pump for all our suspension setting needs. It’s small easy to use and great for accurate pressure settings that we frequently have to do. The price is fairly good considering the quality of materials and the ease of use when pumping suspension up or deflating it. We would obviously wish we didn’t have to keep checking settings and use a pump but that is never going to happen, until then we will be using this great little pump for as long as possible, and it will have to be ripped from our cold dead hands.

Retail Price € 39,99

SKS Germany

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