[Tested] SKS Twenty Niner Floor Pump


Continuing on with our look and test sessions on the trail with the range of SKS pump products. We have a look at the last of our large floor pumps The Twenty Niner.

The idea of this is to inflate large volume tyres.



The aim of the Twenty Niner is not extreme pressure so this pump is aimed at MTB not road bikers. The pump features a large barrel that is focused on volume of air passing through into large chamber 29er tyres or trail bikes. The structure of the pump is based around a plastic body and metal pump shaft/chamber, this makes the pump very light. The base for holding the pump with the feet is wide and stable and allows the user easy stability when pumping.

Color: blue / orange
Valve: AV, SV, DV
Ouput max: 6 bar / 87 psi
Height: 730 mm
Price: € 40.99
A large detailed gauge was quiet accurate when compared to other pumps on test.
A wide barrel means large air volume movement.
The handle was easy to grip with a soft rubber grip.


In Use

We ran this pump along with a number of others for a few months and use it to this day. There is no doubt the speed of inflation with this pump is great, the long full stroke inflates the tyres really quickly, especially 29er tyres and 27.5″ tyres. The large handle and wide base was really stable so it was possible to be firm with the pump and it remain stable. We liked the double valve head and appreciated the ability to be able to switch easily.

The fitments were fairly tight so you had to be careful when pushing home the valve end, but the outcome of this was that it sealed very well and al the air pumped went into the tyre, no spurious air leaks. The guage was large and accurate but obviously didn’t go to the kind of high pressures road tyres require, emphasising the MTB usage of this pump. We guess though the fact it is called “Twenty Niner” should give a clue to what this pump is good for.

The hose is replaceable and with a double head fits well onto the valve.
The Valve head locks down with the closure mechanism.
The base of the pump is fairly simple and has some flex, to make sure the plastic doesn’t break if you miss pump.
The pump shaft is solid.
A close up of the valve head shows the double valve.
SKS quality

We have tried a lot of pumps recently and this is definitely the fastest inflating one we have tried so far. It works really well and is stable to use. We change tyres a lot and with a pump like this there is no fear for pumping and making sure our pressures are good, it’s the ideal kind of pump if you are a mechanic and are forever checking tyre pressures. We like how SKS has a pump literally for every use and this has the large volume tyres covered well. It also comes with a small pump for track use which is a good idea, but we will look at that pump in our small pump test.

 SKS Germany


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