L'arrivo di Schurter.

The day when XC Pros decided to use dropper posts





At least two of the top ten cross country riders rode the dusty and technical Cairns track with a dropper post. Should this be the headline of our race report from the first round of the XC 2016 worldcup, or maybe the one that Nino Schurter won a strategically perfect race?

Tiberi in azione.
Dust and heat. Andrea Tiberi from Italy.

It’s quite strange to see Julien Absalon and Daniel McConnell fighting for the top positions and using a dropper post, adding 2-300 grams to their bikes to be able to pin the downhills fast.

L'inizio di una nuova era per il xc? Due atleti di punta con il reggisella telescopico, qui McConnel.
McConnell. Notice the seat.

We think that this is the right direction though: the worldcup tracks are becoming more technical, and Nino Schurter showed the world that he could win races in the downhills, beating Absalon twice last year because he was faster riding down.

Absalon inseguitore a causa di una foratura.
Absalon had a flat tire and managed to finish third. What if the Frenchman could race without mechanichals?

This year Absalon decided to fight the highly skilled Schurter with a little help from a dropper post, as we saw already once a couple of weeks ago at the Swiss Cup (Absalon’s bike check here).

Manuel Fumic ha avuto una giornata storta, malgrado la nuova Scalpel.
Manuel Fumic had a bad day at the office, despite his new ride (the new Scalpel).

Is this the future of cross country riding? We hope so. Especially for the many amateurs that don’t feel confident like Nino in the downhills, a dropper post can make the difference between having fun (and being fast) or pushing their bikes. And you know, if the pros use it, the others will follow.

Il matador della giornata: Nino Schurter.
Nino Schurter is the man to beat in 2016 too.
Flückinger dà il cambio in testa a Schurter.
Strategic thinking: when Absalon was way behind because of the flat, Schurter let himself fall back to the pursuers to save some energy and let the others make the pace.
Absalon was getting closer. Nino said “danke” to Flückinger and Marotte, and opened the gas.
Vogel con la misteriosa Focus full suspended.
Will we ever see what’s under that black box? Flo Vogel on his secret Focus.
Il secondo piazzato, Marotte.
Marotte. It was hot in Cairns.
Marco Aurelio Fontana, buono il debutto in coppa del mondo.
Marco Aurelio Fontana finished in the top ten.
Welcome to the jungle!
Welcome to the jungle!
L'arrivo di Schurter.
Happy as one can be.

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