[Trailhunter] Semmering Bike Park, Austria


Semmering Bike Park is about 1 hour south of Vienna towards Graz in the famous old school ski resort of Semmering. It is serviced by lifts and has 4 main trails with a few variations and lots of jumps.

We rocked up to the track one day in mid September to check out how it rode and see how much fun could be had at a traditional style bike park course. With lift tickets costing €35 for the day and a fairly fast turn around, easy parking at the bottom of the lift it looked like it had all the ingredients of a good day.


Check out the video and photos below to see what the bikepark was like.


Trail Hunter Semmering Bike Park from MTB MAG on Vimeo.

Photo Story

Starting at the bottom, this is where all the tracks and lifts start and finish.
Most of the trails are fairly broad with not too many braking bumps.
There are hundreds of these corners in the bike park. Perfect curves.
Local bike shop, thank goodness, they were able to change my broken gear cable.
Yes this is the view from the toilet with one way glass.
The lifts are fast, but not super huge, so can take 2 riders at a time. No queues though.
It takes about 10 minutes to get to the top.
The bottom of the park has a few jumps and nice parabolas taking you into the finish area.
After each run these two were spotted having a beer and cigarette. This is not Enduro.
The park is labelled very clearly and it’s hard to go wrong.
Trail condtions are hard packed, but soften up quickly if there is rain.
Often the trail splits, here both options are fun, the right way more technical.
High speed cornering…
Yes three perfect turns in about 50 metres, really good layout.
This step up was hard to hit, but fun when you made it.
The good thing about Semmering was that the features had different levels so it was possible to progress as your riding skills improved.
These mad devices also exist…
The key word is flow, at Semmering the track flows.
This section was wet and slippery, testing a bikes tyre choice and rider skill, take it easy if you don’t want to fall.
Really tight turn with the possibility to take it hard and high.
The free ride trail had an amazing flow section, that when dry would be really fast.
Finally the sun came out over the top of the hills.
Those who can drop here.
The rest of us go underneath.

WE really loved Semmering bike park. It is a fun place to ride with nicely formed jumps and some great turns all over the place. It’s not got that much technical and for sure having a DH bike is the best way to enjoy the place, Enduro bikes will be ok, but trail bikes will not be as fun as there are many jumps to hit that are more fun with more travel. The use of features balanced natural terrain, a good use of the land forms and drop meant an average ride was around 10 minutes or less at speed. Overall there is plenty to keep the average rider happy here and if you want to go big you can. For the easy rider the blue track is perfect to help you warm up.


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