[Trail Hunter] Trail 402: A Fresh Trail With Radon’s James Shirley



Whilst shooting at the European Enduro Series in Punta Ala with professional rider James Shirley, we happened upon a freshly cut unknown trail that we did a quick burn down. It was about 3 km in length and literally we were some of the first riders down it, we thought it was worth a quick edit from the on-board camera.



Video: On Board With James Shirley

402trailhunt 1 from MTB MAG on Vimeo.



The trail “402” flows down about 400 meters of descent over 3km from the top of the Bandite Trail area near Punta Ala, and Its a really smooth trail which will appeal to all types of riders and can be ridden with a trail bike as well. It has some twisty wooded sections but overall it was just really fun and refreshing to ride… a relaxing treat on a busy weekend of hard core Enduro rock strewn trails.


The top is open and it’s possible to understand the lie of the land through the trees.


The trail is ideal for people who like smooth flow with no harsh technical sections.

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