[Trailhunter] Enduro Riding Trail 301 In Punta Ala, Tuscany


Cold and wet across Europe means bed and warm cocoa for those in northern climbs, head a little south like where we were for our group bike test, and it’s still great riding conditions. In this case we hit trail 301, an Enduro trail at Punta Ala Trail Center in the Bandite forest.

This trail has been used for the European Enduro Series and the now paused Superenduro series. The trail at the time of year we visited though has perfect dirt, quite a few pro’s have tackled this challenge, although the day we visited we were alone. This trail has a great mix of tight corners and fast flowing wood sections with a few technical sections. We reckon it is the type of trail that can be ridden by most levels of rider as well, save the very beginner.



Trail 301 is around 3.4km long and takes around 10-20 to descend depending on the level of rider. The start altitude s around 520 metres finishing at around 50 metres. It is located near Punta Ala, Tuscany, Italy.  Find the route here



301- Trail Hunter, Punta Ala, Tuscany. from MTB MAG on Vimeo.

Trail Highlights

The top of Monte stella is where the trail starts, you need about 60 mins to pedal up from the bottom without stopping.
The top of Monte stella is where the trail starts, you need about 60 mins to pedal up from the bottom without stopping.
130519_raceday_Canon EOS 7D_0001-157
The main hills can be linked up to the coastal area trails as well, where the trail center meets the beach here in spring sunshine.
140417_New_nomad_Canon EOS 7D_0001-81
Davide Sottocornola on the bottom of 301 letting it flow.
The wooded sections are faster and flowing amongst the trees.
Fabian Barel mid trail on 301, hits the technical section with a direct line.
Theo Galay weaves between the trees.
From up high at the top of the trails you can see down to the coast.
The old tower is a good place to stop for a sandwich mid or post ride.
140417_New_nomad_Canon EOS 7D_0001-99
The Punta Ala Trail center is close to the trails so it’s an easy pedal back.

Punta Ala Trail Center

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