[Video] Cam McCaul on Marzocchi / Big Bike Tricking


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THE SNOWWWWW……!!!!! What in the wold do we do when it hits? Well if you love bike riding enough, you become borderline insane. First, you say “Hey let’s make some lemonade outta this sour situation…” You go sledding, you make a snowcone, you ride your bike down some snowy hills and session a mulch jump that your friends dug out. Then you lock yourself in a room and play some instruments… These are all relatively sane activities. But once the snow has stuck around long enough, all sanity vacates the small cavity between your ears and you start to come up with some real weird ways to occupy yourself. Prepare to witness a chrono-illogical account of me slowly losing my sanity. Oh yeah, and a 2020 sponsorship announcement.



Ok bye. -Cam

Camera // Dusty Wygle, Kyle Jameson, Reed Boggs

Edit // Taylor Sage

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