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A How-To video! Because why not. Two things were happening.. I read some comments asking if I would do how-to videos and I realized that every time I’m at the trails or at the jumps, I get asked how to do a no-hander. A how-to Sui vid seemed like a good place to start. There’s no point in trying to teach a trick unless you know a trick to the trick, so here I explain a little method to get good at pinching the seat with your knees. Because…. that’s the trick to the trick. If you ain’t pinching, you ain’t Sui’ing.

Pinching the seat with your knees can feel weird at first and it takes a little getting used to but once you have it dialed, not only can you do a no-hander off a jump, but its a good way to rest your hands on a long downhill section. Stand up, pinch the seat, loosen your grip and refresh those hands. Use the seat pinch for whatever you want. If you wanna flip off your friends as you pass by, stand up, seat-pinch, flip the bird. It comes in handy in all different ways.


You can learn this type of no-hander on any bike that has a seat. If you’re on a dirt jump bike (hardtail, Slopestyle bike, etc) you’re probably going to want to raise your seat quite a bit so the seat height is right around your knees. If you’re on a trail bike or a downhill bike this whole process will probably be even easier because your seat height is probably already pretty high. In this vid I’m using my Trek Fuel EX. Yes I have it set up as a Slopeduro rig but all the same principles apply to whatever bike you’re on… as long as it has a seat. If your bike doesn’t have handlebars, and you’re jumping it, congratulations, you’re already doing no-handers and you don’t need this video.

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