[Video] Cam McCaul’s Slope-Duro-Cross Challenge

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Slope-Duro-Cross Challnge…. What the hell is that? Well, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for 5 years since moving to Bend Oregon. Somehow I was lucky enough to move into a neighborhood that happened to have a big empty patch of land behind it. Of course I decided to build jumps in this empty patch of land, and then of course I proceeded to make a trail loop that started and ended in my backyard. It wasn’t long before the idea struck me to hold a race on this backyard loop. Now to figure out the logistics… I knew I could make a pretty funny video out of this race, but the real challenge was finding a time when enough of my local Bend friends were in town at the same time to get them all together. Dusty Wygle had a bright idea… (as he often does. ) He said, “Why don’t you hold the Slope-Duro-Cross Challenge during the week of Black Sage Fest and Proving Grounds…?” Brilliant Mr. Wygle. This way, not only did we have all the local Bend riders in attendance, we had some of the best riders from all over the world hanging out.

This video is what happened next.


The Slope-Duro-Cross Challnge evolved into the most ridiculous mountain bike race / contest / Heckle-Fest the world has ever seen. Hit play, kick back, and prepare to laugh. This is the SLOPE-DURO-CROSS CHALLENGE!!!!

Special thanks to John Reynolds for shooting and editing this, Caleb Ely for shooting 2nd angle and Taylor Sage for the creative inspiration, input, and juices. And of course to Bonee McCaul for welcoming the circus into our home.

-Cam McCaul

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