[Video] Mike Giese at Coast Gravity Bike Park

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The air is dusty and unsettled. Shadows fly overhead through the trees. Away from the crowds of Crankworx, isolated in the woods, the only sounds come from a distant buzzing and branches snapping. A dance with the devil is happening just out of sight. A dark figure blurs its way down the mountain, leaving ruin to the dirt sculptures in its wake. Few have witnessed what happens deep in the woods of the Sunshine Coast. But some things can only be seen in the shadows.


“Some things can only be seen in the shadows.” – Carlos Ruiz Zafón

The ambiance around Coast Gravity Park provides a stark contrast to that found in mountain biking’s mecca of Whistler. Those willing to sacrifice lift line glory laps will instead find a small paradise welcoming those that seek isolation in the woods. The relaxed mood and mellow vibes are those that can only be found off the beaten path and away from the rest of the world. It’s a calmness only disturbed when the shuttle starts up the hill, giving riders a chance to glimpse what lies hidden under nature’s giants.

Each trail flows with the terrain, giving riders a sense of flight through the ferns and pines of the pacific northwest. The dirt sculptures of the bike park provide a canvas for riders to draw their own creative lines through perfect berms and crafted doubles. For those willing to explore deeper into the woods, ancient relics and dinosaurs from times past wait patiently for those brave enough to face them. Monster bridges, fallen jumps, and treacherous gaps show the work of unsung dark warriors who find their glory only in the eyes of ancient giants.

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