[Video] The Crossover: Anneke Beerten & Ronnie Renner



They both have a passion for riding bikes, one is a multiple World Champion on a Mountain bike and the other a multi X-games Gold Medalist.
What better way to share their passion as team mates and go shredding together on Mountain bikes and Dirt bikes all on the same day! Its definitely the best of both worlds, making each other faster, sharing experience and pushing each other and just having fun.

From the age of 4 Anneke has been riding bikes and in the last 3 years she has picked up on riding moto to add some variety to her training program for Mountain biking. The Mountain bike skills definitely come in handy on the dirt bike!

Ronnie has been pulling the throttle since he was 4. And started seriously riding mountain bikes 4 years ago for cross training, which led to a love for bike parks, Dh racing and Free riding.
Ronnie and Anneke both being GT athletes, thought it would be cool to give you guys a little snap shot of them getting ready for a new season of racing mountain bikes and defending X-games gold medals. Watch them rip on the Mountain and the Moto Track!

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