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Today SRAM announces the introduction of Guide RE brakes. Utilizing a Guide R lever and a Code caliper, SRAM have created a powerful gravity brake which has come out of their Black Box testing program.


untitled shoot-250127

Guide RE levers with matchmaker compatibility.

untitled shoot-250122

Guide RE calipers, based off of the Avid Code caliper.


  • BRAKE TYPE Hydraulic
  • COLOR Gloss black
  • PISTON MATERIAL Phenolic plastic
  • HOSE ROUTING ANGLE Adjustable banjo
  • BLADE MATERIAL Aluminum – stamped
  • LEVER BODY MATERIAL Forged aluminum
  • CALIPER MATERIAL Forged aluminum
  • PAD TYPE Steel-backed metal sintered
  • WEIGHT 415g (direct-mount, 800mm hose, 160mm CL rotor)
  • Price €145

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untitled shoot-250123

On The Trail

Our first limited trail tests with the Guide RE brake set were aboard our EX1 test rigs, which were a great way to test performance with regards to braking on heavier bikes. We clearly understood SRAM with their Guide RE had been aiming at creating an updated gravity brake with an impressive amount of power and modulation that remained constant.

The Guide RE keeps things dependable and simple with the use of a proven lever platform in the guise of the Guide R lever. Code calipers are renowned for their stopping power and high level of performance and heat dissipation, making this combination available to market at a great value makes absolute sense.  Stopping felt solid and reliable during our brief test descent. The bite point was clear, the application of power firm and the feel in the lever as the pads moved onto the disc, constant. Repeated heat up from dragging the brakes produced no perceptible fade which meant we could set up speed easily for cornering and grab enough stopping power when we needed; particularly when things were getting out of control on rough steeper sections.

untitled shoot-250125
Guide RE caliper mounted on our 180mm Lyrik fork. In this case we were using 200mm rotors.


Riders are often looking for simple, confident, reliable solutions when it comes to braking. Upfront the Guide RE is exactly that a no nonsense powerful brake at a great price. We look forward to getting more in depth trail time with the Guide RE as production units become available.


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