YT Custom Rampage Bikes

“Rampage is THE Freeride highlight of the year. Cam Zink, Ethan Nell, Andreu Lancondeguy and Bienvenido Aguado Alba are representing the YT Family in Virgin, Utah, and are looking to send it to the moon on their custom TUES frames. Check out the custom frames of Cam, Ethan and Andreu and watch all four sending it during the live broadcast this Friday on Red Bull TV from 6pm CEST / 12 noon EDT / 9am PDT.”

First is the bike of Andreu Lacondeguy



Next is the Tues of Ethan Nell.

Note both Ethan and Andreu are using a single speed set up.

A Rough AF tribute to the legend Jordie Lunn.


Cam Zink’s bike is looking ready for all the crazy tricks he’s got up his sleeve.

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