[Gallery] Red Bull Rampage – Heating Up

Things are really kicking into high gear in the Utah desert with riders fighting wind and the pressure to test out big features as the time ticks away and we count down toward finals. Compared to last year, most of the major builds are done and now it’s just a matter of doing the damn thing…Here’s a look at what’s been going down in Wednesday and Thursday’s practice sessions.


Rheeder – alien vibes.

Tom Van Steenbergen front flipped the start gate drop – something no one else has done. GNARLY.

Tommy G at 1/13th of a second.

First timer Emil Johannson strategizing with veteran Carson Storch.

Motocross whip lord Tyler Bereman is back taking it all in and loving every minute of it.

Zink, easing into the start gate drop.

Judges Kyle Jameson and Josh Bender gazing up at the massive arena.

Reed Boggs open loop – Toby Cowley photo.

Carson Storch – opposite 360 on the start gate drop.

T-Mac whip train – Toby Cowley photo.

Semenuk – fastplant 360 on his last jump at the bottom.

Ethan Nell testing out a big one – Toby Cowley photo.

Carson Storch testing out a HUGE one – Toby Cowley photo.

Vinny T on his long and low hip.

Brandon guinnea pigging his double drop.

Brendog’s death chute – Toby Cowley photo.

Storch smashing turns.

Wild man Andreu Lacondeguy flipping down into the lower zone.

TVS leaving a trail of dust and looking sick in an all white kit.

Plenty of fine tuning left to be done – Toby Cowley photo.

Local boy Ethan Nell with the big up and over.

Bienvenido Aguado transferring into Brendog’s exit from the chute – Toby Cowley photo.

Kyle Strait testing out a big drop despite the fact that it was quite windy at the time.

Tom Van Steenbergen and Ethan Nell share this MASSIVE hip in the upper area.

More Vinny Steeze – Toby Cowley photo.

Gary Fisher cameo.

Puppy love…

Brendog blasting “The Rock” today in really really really high winds. Scary.

Zink – opposite 360 on a canyon gap.

Brendog getting gnarly in his chute.

The Freeride Ferrari is still alive and well!

Brendog dark light moto steeze.

T-Mac with a punty flip on the start gate drop.

Rheeder getting last light on his huge drop…See you tomorrow!

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