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YT Unleashes JEFFSY “Core” Models

YT just presented their new range of the Jeffsy model and takes the opportunity to present what will be the new nomenclature that will span its entire range of models, eliminating the traditional set-up division known as Pro Race, Pro, Comp and Base. The new models are called Core, followed by a number that identifies the positioning in the range. These new set-ups will no longer have an annual frequency but will be updated based on the actual availability of the components, so as to avoid the risk of long waits such as the ones we are experiencing in this period.


The top of the line instead takes, or in some ways it would be more correct to say keeps, the name Uncaged which identifies the models available in limited numbers. As for the Core set-ups, the Uncagde models will also be presented exclusively subject to the actual availability of all the components included in the set-up.

Here are the new Jeffsy Core setups. The weights indicated are in size S, tubeless and without pedals.

Jeffsy Core 4 29 – 13.9kg – € 4,999

Jeffsy Core 3 29 – 14.4kg – € 3,999

Jeffsy Core 2 29 – 15.3kg – € 2,799

Jeffsy Core 2 27 – 15.1kg – € 2,799



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