[Video] Cam Zink – 150 Foot Backflip ep. 1

“This project has been years in the making; since the day I set the the Guiness World Record for longest backflip on a bicycle, it has been on my mind. Over the last few years I have been trying to obtain support for it, but after trying for so long I realized I have to make it happen on my own and build the jump on my own property and produce this whole project. However, it takes a village and there are a lot of people who this wouldn’t happen without. Ray Syron, Mike Power, JP Preston, Damon Iwanaga, Dustin Lindgren, and others. Adidas/ Five Ten has now committed to the project, so hats off to them and thanks for the support!”


“I was trying to get to 150 feet last year but my shoulder started coming out very easily shortly after flipping 110 feet. This is the first time hitting the ramp since shoulder surgery and just the beginning of starting over after surgery. Should be progressing pretty fast barring any more bars to the leg!”

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