[Bike Check] Semenuk’s RAW100 V6 Trek Ticket S

If you haven’t seen the sixth/latest version of RAW100, with Brandon Semenuk, you’re missing out and should have a look. If you have, then you might recognize the bike below. Read on for an in depth look at Brandon’s latest creation…


If you’re lucky enough to be a Trek C3 athlete, pretty much every bike you ride gets to be a blank canvas. For this project, we had a truly unique build and thus a very unique bike was in order.

For this bike, Brandon had the traditional style tattoo artwork of Brett Rees as the centerpiece.

Three separate window details on the top tube, and a bit of branding with a classy font…

Macro lens details – pretty clean.

Artwork on the other side of the downtube.

More details…The work coming out of C3 and Project One is always amazing, but this is next level.

Okay, how about some bike details? Brandon finally made the switch over to a Trickstuff hydraulic gyro, which means no more cables.

A SRAM Level Ultimate brake is on either end of the Trickstuff gyro, meaning unlimited spins and way more braking power.

Out back and RockShox Deluxe Ultimate and a RockShox Pike Ultimate up front. Both are custom jobs, but travel is around 100mm front and rear and the pressure is usually freakishly high.

This is Brandon’s second year on Industry Nine and I know first hand he’s very happy with the wheels. He’s running Hyrdra hubs and the Enduro 30.5mm inner diameter rims. Matching gold for this bike of course…

The artist’s badge…

Chromag bits all around – the Synth plastic pedals, and an ultra short (31mm) Ranger stem.

Rounding out the cockpit is a standard aluminum Fubar and Brandon’s signature Overture saddle – which is easily the most popular and widely used saddle in slopestyle.

Last, but not least – the big guy’s name in traditional font.


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