Dangerholm’s Latest Creation – Scott Hypersonic Spark

Do you remember Gustav Gullholm, aka Dangerholm, the Norwegian naturalized Swedish rider who personalizes Scott bikes by creating unique and incredibly well build specimens? We told you about him about one of his most daring projects, the Spark in the Hyper version with super minimal controls and completely hidden cables, shown below…


Now Gustav is back to work on a Spark, the new model with its shock absorber inside the frame, creating a very special customization that features pink, carbon gray and bright polished aluminum.

We see the starting point in the following photo, from here on Dangerholm stripped the frame and some of the components, took care of all the details of the new components and then assembled them on the repainted frame with a unique and truly captivating spec.

Below we see the list of components that Dangerholm has adopted in setting up his Hypersonic Spark, carefully selecting the balance between performance, lightness and aesthetics. The result stops the balance needle at just 9.193 grams.

Dangerholm / Scott


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