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Starting as a small manufacturer of chain guides, e*thirteen in recent years has continued to expand their range to include numerous new products ranging from seatposts, wheels, cranksets, drivetrain parts and tires. All of which are very interesting both in terms of features and as well as performance. Today the US brand introduces a series of cockpit products – namely handlebars and stems, with different choices in terms of materials, sizes and prices.


The range of handlebars includes three options, one in carbon fiber and two in aluminum alloy. The dimensions are identical for all three models, with a width of 800mm, which can be reduced thanks to the specific reference marks for cutting, 9° of backsweep and 5° of upsweep. Each model is available in both 20mm and 35mm rise sizes. The central diameter of the handlebar, as its name indicates, is 35mm.

Race Carbon 35

225 grams
€ 139

Plus Aluminum 35

280 grams
€ 69.90

Base Aluminum 35

405 grams
€ 34.90


The range of stems include two models, both in aluminum alloy for 35mm diameter handlebars. The rise is 0 degrees while the lengths available for both models are 40mm or 50mm. To reduce the risk of stripping the screw heads, T25 torx screws with a rounded head are used.

Plus 35

145 grams
€ 96.90

Base 35

155 grams
€ 49.90

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