e*thirteen Quick Fill Plasma

New Quick Fill Tubeless Valves from e*thirteen

With the new Quick Fill Plasma, e*thirteen revolutionizes its tubeless valves with a system that is as elementary as it is innovative that speeds up and simplifies the introduction of sealing liquid into an already mounted tire.


Quick Fill Plasma valves are based on the shape and size of a traditional Presta valve, therefore they are compatible with all pumps on the market, but unlike the standard version of the latter, the core is not disassembled but rather the entire upper portion is.

This system offers a wider hole that allows you to insert the sealing liquid directly through the dispensing spout of most bottles on the market, without unwanted spills.

No tools are needed to disassemble the valve, just rotate the knurled wheel with your fingers. The Quick Fill Plasma system allows you to keep the valve core clean, preventing blockages that would preclude inflation.

The valve structure is made of forged, corrosion resistant and anodized aluminum in five different color options.

Two different lengths are available to adapt to the height of the profile of your rims, one from 16 to 24mm and the other from 23 to 31mm. The first weighs 17 grams and the second 18 grams.



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