Evil Bikes Introduces ‘Loopholes’ Fusion Fiber Wheelsets

[Press Release] – Introducing Loopholes, a high-end mountain bike wheelset built from Fusion Fiber, an advanced polymer solution with ride qualities that easily surpass traditional carbon fiber rims. We call them Loopholes because we get around a few problems which have not been addressed by current wheels. Carbon wheels are strong but they can also be harsh, and wheels are the last place riders want the control-killing rigidity found in many composite rims. Evil’s Loopholes wheels find a way around the harshness, carving a hallowed middle ground in the world of wheels. It’s a happy medium for every size of bike and every style of riding.


What makes FusionFiber different?

  • FusionFiber is made with long-chain polymers instead of the brittle and toxic epoxies and resins used in typical carbon fiber.
  • This makes it possible to absorb impacts through microscopic flexing in the fibers and to radially dissipate shock throughout the rim.
  • As a result, rims made with FusionFiber offer a smoother ride and much higher impact resistance.


  • Made in America
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 29″ only
  • 6-bolt and centerlock rotor mount options
  • 32 hole spoke count J-bend spokes
  • 2-cross front / 3-cross rear lacing
  • XD and Microspline freehub options
  • Industry Nine Hydra hubs with standard 15mm and torque cap
  • Boost and Super Boost spacing

Superior impact resistance

Loopholes feature a 20% improvement in impact resistance over comparable carbon fiber rims. What does it mean for riders? More confidence. These wheels stand up to the abuse mountain biking is known for.

A quieter bike

Loopholes are noticeably quieter than traditional carbon wheels due to our unique noise-eating material. The quieter ride is attributed to the rim material working in the background to make your ride not only more stealth, but smoother and more controlled.

Stiff yet compliant

But what does it mean? Vertical stiffness is important for strength and control. Too much vertical stiffness can reduce ride quality. “Compliant” is a bike industry engineering nerd term which measures how much the material is allowed to deflect. Loopholes offer a perfect balance of stiffness and compliance which allows the wheels to absorb more of the vertical and side-to-side shock that happens as you hold the straight line through rocky, challenging sections. Long story short: they make for easier, radder riding.

Deadened vibration

Loopholes absorb bumps in the road with a mind blowing 50% improvement in vibration damping. This lets less trail travel up into your hands and feet. That means longer days and less effort to enjoy all your favorite singletrack.

Strong spokes

Reinforced spoke bosses boast greater than 950lb pull through force. That’s a full 15% improvement over non-reinforced spoke faces

Powder coated

Loopholes’ rims are powder coated so they stay beautiful, despite the bruises and bumps the trail tries to put on them.

Removable decals

Don’t want to rep Evil on your ride? Prefer the clean look? Loopholes feature removable decals so you can let those sweet, sweet black wheels shine. Want to fly the Evil freak flag? We have a rainbow of decal color options available through our website or your local Evil dealer.

Metal where it matters

The little details matter, like robust high-quality 6061-T6 aluminum valve stems and valve core tool integrated into the alloy valve cap.

What’s at the hub?

Nothing but the best sits at the center of Evil’s wheels: Industry Nine Hydra Hubs – 6-Bolt Options available in Boost and Super Boost and Center Lock available in Super Boost, all available with Sram and Shimano freehub options.

Strong Patterns

The 3X rear lacing and 2X front lacing adds up to the perfect balance, with a more compliant front wheel to absorb the hits and a strong rear wheel for the occasional case. Hey, it happens to the best of us.


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