Red Zone 5 and Red Metal 5: High Value AL wheels from Fulcrum

Fulcrum today is presenting the new Red Zone 5 and Red Metal 5, two models of wheels with aluminum rims and performance derived from their respective top-of-the-line versions, at a very attractive price. Read on for more in the press release below.


[Press release] – After the recent launch of the Red Zone Carbon and Red Zone 3, Fulcrum’s new generation of MTB wheels sees the arrival of two new products designed to guarantee reliability and resistance at an accessible price. Using aluminum for their construction the new Red Zone 5 and Red Metal 5 are our entry-level wheels and complete Fulcrum’s off-road range, for riders looking for high-performance products with an optimum quality/price ratio.

The Red Zone 5 is our new wheel designed specifically for cross country and marathon use, while the Red Metal 5 is for trail use. Different specifications for different needs that both share the same design philosophy. The aim of the Fulcrum engineers has been to develop two products that are ideal for training and recreational fun, whilst being resistant and reliable for numerous uses.

Like a pair of sneakers, which are versatile, resistant and with an excellent quality/price ratio, the Red Zone 5 and Red Metal 5 are able to withstand many different situations and are ideal for intense daily use. From training to racing these wheels are the perfect companions for the most disparate situations, including downhills and technical sections, where resistance is key.

The new hubs share the same shell as the hubs used in the Red Zone Carbon and Red Zone 3. The differences are found in the axle and the bearings: in the Red Metal 5 and Red Zone 5 we have used sealed, long-lasting and efficient bearings, which can be micro-adjusted with a specific adjustment ring.

Red Zone 5 and Red Metal 5 feature a 2-WAY FIT READY rim with a height of only 18.6 mm and a new asymmetrical section, which has been redesigned specifically to ensure the optimal balance of the spoke tension. The two wheelsets differ in terms of the width of the rim, which is wider compared to previous versions, so that they can be used with lower pressures, for improved grip and control in the most extreme conditions.

The Red Zone 5 have an inner rim width of 27mm, and weigh 1840 g, whilst the inner rim width of the Red Metal 5 measures 30mm, with a total weight of 1890 g. As both models come with the tubeless rim tape already installed and tubeless valves, they are therefore ready to ride after having installed tires. The maximum total weight of the system (rider+bike) is 125 kg.

Both wheelsets sport a new look too. A tone-on tone design, with a partly glossy and partly matt finish, wraps the rim profile around the valve area, whilst the traditional red box, with the logo, can be found on the opposite side of the rim.


€ 391,00 (HG11,XD), € 404,00 (MS12)

$ 465,00 (HG11,XD), $ 482,00 (MS12)


€ 410,00 (HG11,XD), € 424,00 (MS12)

$ 489,00 (HG11,XD), $ 506,00 (MS12)

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