[FEST] CruzFest Day One Bangers



FEST series has descended on the deep dark woods of Santa Cruz and we couldn’t be happier. Take a stroll through the insanity that went down yesterday.



All eyes on this guy.


Nose bonks on this today for sure. Sketchy.


Nico Vink tail tapped this shitter car yesterday. He’ll likely be the first to nose bonk it.



Makken trains for Cruz Fest with Jazzercise videos as well as rubber bands.


Mac-T is focused and ready.


Arik Swan buffing out the track a bit.


The main trick jump getting some attention.



Bikes waiting to get completely punished and abused for a week straight.


Story time.


Nico kicking things off with a sick toboggan…


R-Dog Channeling Moto Vibes.


…with Aggy in tow not too far behind doing exactly the same thing.


Of course Andreu had to take it to a completely nuts level.


Kyle Jameson looking beyond nasty.


How big? This big?


Jordy Lunn looking mean!


Nico Vink – always mining for fisheyes.


Big Dog Kyle Strait giving us reasons to shoot vertical.


Cam Zink rolling in with a big old superman.


And whips for days on the other side of the big jump.



Speaking of Cam – his daughter Ayla wouldn’t get off of her bike all day. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.



The Brothers McCaul doing big things different ways…So sick to see them shredding together.


Motos on the track were quite common. Arik Swan is insane. Zink pointed out that it’s probably more nuts to ride on a moto than a DH bike…Food for thought.


Can’t wait to see what else comes from Nico. Absolutely slaying it yesterday.


Gutted that Jeff Herb is out with a busted wing, but he’ll be back soon. Heal up big dog!


Things started ramping up later in the day. Carson Storch Guinnea Flipping the big jump. So nuts.


Sorge going completely ape shit.


Andreu won practice today. No question.


Cam McCaul was one of the last people riding. Animal.


Post shred hang out.


When the riding stopped. Things cleared out quickly.


That is all for now. We’re headed out for day 2 shortly (day 2 | Day 3 | Cam Zink’s Yt Tues 26″ Prototype)


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