[Gallery] Cam Zink’s #BiggestLittleFest


We spent last week just outside of Reno on a massive property where Cam Zink has jumps, moto tracks, trails and beyond out in the high desert. With about 20 riders invited for a jam style event, lots of fun was had, throttles were twisted, and beer was drank. Here’s a photo gallery of all of the shenanigans.


The Man! – Cam Zink…Always in a good mood.

With most of the dirt being made of decomposed granite, shaping and fine tuning is pretty easy, especially after a bit of rain. Here, riders clean up the landing on the trick jump.

DJ Brandt with an insanely stretched Superman Seat Grab.

…With Ethan Nell in tow.

Kyle Jameson letting it all hang out.

Howie Zink got after it with his trail bike…What a wildman. No kneepads, sending it.

R-Dog’s turnbuckle 360º’s never get old!

The brothers McCaul showed up for the good times.

Szymon Godziek made it out all the way from Poland. 360º Can.

Tyler Bereman is no stranger to the Fest world. When he’s riding, everyone is looking.

MTB-Mag editor, Simon Silver cracking a whip past 90º.

Flip Superseater gone wrong. Cam Zink was a little banged up after this, but he get back into it a couple days later.

Kyle Strait with the lazy suicide no handers. The best in the biz.

Lazy seat grab from Bereman. Insane steeze.

Mitch Ropelato dumping out 360’s on his Enduro race bike, straight off the plane from France. What a freak.

Tyler McCaul winning the silhouette game – Flip no foot can.

Mini Moto Challenge

With ESPN filming a segment at the event, there were a series of not so serious “challenges” going down. One was a mini moto race…

Kyle straight, dressed for the job…

Kyle and Cam, trying real hard to get the bike off the ground and over this tire.

Tyler Bereman was in charge of this challenge. He’s a huge Insane Clown Posse fan…Tell all your friends (just kidding)…

Did we mention that on top of getting 3rd place at Rampage, Ethan Nell is completely insane on a Moto as well?

Mid day break…

Alex Volokhov, clean invert table.

Damon Iwanaga – boost king and Nico Vink inspired on this one.

Kyle Jameson, filthy whip on the hip.

Tyler McCaul with a big, stretched superman.

One foot table from the Claw!

Bas VanSteenbergen with a little turn on up the left hand hip.

Mitch Ropelato is a freak. He scrubbed the hell out of this jump on his third go. What makes this so crazy is that it’s got a very steep, dirt jump style lip. Even crazier is that he’s on a “little” bike.

Timeless style from Cam McCaul…What a legend.

Scrub Off Challenge

Another challenge was Scrub Offs…When it was too windy to blast big jumps, the boys kept the rubber side down and got super sketchy. Here’s a video of the highlights from our YouTube channel.

Mikey Sylvestri, ducking under the Monster Energy claw while everyone looks on.

Cam the man, getting some himself…

In the end, Damon Iwanaga won, hands down…

Reed Boggs with a flip on a very gnarly, blind run in through the trees. Rampage training.

Trevor Boldi kept us entertained all week…

Ray Syron about to go skimboarding…

…Or at least try to…

Storm Rolling In

We had some weather on and off. After all, it is the high desert in the middle of spring. This made for some cool clouds but added a bit of wind to the mix, making the riding tricky and intermittent.

Cam Zink pulled way back with a huge whip on top of the ridgeline, while storm looms in the distance.

Carson Storch with a big dumped 360º.

Alex Volokhov with a big table over the left hand hip.

More whips from Cam Zink, partially blending in with the environment.

Flip Nac from Carson Storch, getting the last of it in before his drive back to Bend.

Tom VanSteenbergen and Szymon Godziek with a flip train.

The Light

After a bit of rain, on our last day, the light just went off and the riders had a power session of a sendoff from the event. Here’s what we saw.

More turn up steeze from Bas VanSteenbergen.

Ty Calais is a BMX dude, but that didn’t stop him from sending the entire line on his slope bike. Beast!

Claw with a big, stretched Indian air.

When Mikey Sylvestri wasn’t blowing minds with huge whips, he was going some massive moto style heel clickers.

The one and only Jordie Lunn with a big Suicide No Hander.

Damon Iwanaga with a boosty Berm Slider.

Cam Zink doing Brendog impersonations?

Huge superman from Kyle Strait.

Bas VanSteenbergen shutting it down with the steeziest whip in the very last of the light.

Cam Zink, signing off! Thanks for the good times buddy!

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